• Women’s Haircut and Styling 25-35 €
• Men’s haircut 17-22 €
Styling and Blow dry
• Styling and Blow dry 15-35€
• Bridal and Wedding 25-40€
Bridal and Wedding Styling consultation from 15€. Consultation and procedure will take about 1-2 hours.
• Evening Styling 25-40€
Consultation for the Evening Styling with try out from 15€. Consultation and procedure will take about 1-2 hours.
• Hair Colour Services 35-60€
• Permanent Waves 25-60€

Hair Straightening with LASIO keratin

LASIO keratin works well on all hair types. It completely removes frizz
up to 4 month, maintain the volume and neutralize curls up to 80%
Approximate length of the procedure 2 to 3.5 hours.
Cost for the procedure 100-140€

Mash Up SPA procedure for the hair

Mush Up haircare is a high quality product that is created by technicians and haircare experts in Italy to give your hair the best from the Nature!
Is the product ecological? Of course! Mash Up contains lots of different oils that will feed and strengthen hair structure! And the aroma…

???? Mūsu lieliskie AMANéSPA frizieri ir gatavi izaicinājumiem! Mūsu slepenais ierocis ir #MashUp…Nāc ciemos un baudi…

Posted by AMANéSPA on Otrdiena, 2018. gada 12. jūnijs

Our professional hairdressers work with Mash Up daily but the best references are of course from our clients – satisfied clients.
Cost of the procedure and consultation 15-70€