About Us

The most beautiful thing in the world is that each day and each moment bring us something new. It is especially important to fill these moments with happiness, joy and love towards yourself and life.


In a daily hurry we often forget about those small pleasures which make up that great happiness. My hands found the world of touch long ago; however I started to practice at a time when the miracle occurred in my life. It was such a beautiful feeling and seemed I had an ability to fly so the whole world was under my wings. It was a feeling of freedom and my notion was that I could share it with others such as good thoughts and love for life.

So everything I’ve started is with a strong wish to be in peace and harmony with myself as much as possible. With time has developed an idea of the spa in the open air with wind rustling tree tops and gently touching my hair, with the birds singing and very few lost raindrops veiling under my tent roof. Only by experiencing the world one can see a true and contrasting range of the colours, hear new sounds and observe fine nuances of the human nature. And fill one’s life with joy and draw ideas time ahead.


Without movement the body cannot be healthy and vital, whereas a strong, vital body allows enjoying and capturing the life given joy and happiness. A person should indulge in a massage whenever there is a wish to escape the everyday hustle at that very moment and rely on the hands of a master. Each time I see my clients’ progress, it inspires me for new challenges. Fabulous results have been experienced even personal growth. The greatest reward is to see that a person’s will is in his/ her own hands. Very often, when people come in with a problem, they simply just want be touched what solved all their back pain, overweight and other problems, but the most they would like to see some invisible force griping and carrying away all the worries and anxieties accumulated during the day into oblivion.

During the process of work I like to work with the aim and meaning. I’m more interested in the solution, not the process. It’s pleasure to rely on a master’s hands to relieve the back pain, weight related issues and other problems, but for the most part us humans would like to see some invisible force to carry away worries and anxieties that are accumulated during a day which have overwhelmed our body and spirit. A much better result is usually achieved, if a client participates in the rehabilitation process e.g. specially designed strengthening exercises are taken and a healthier lifestyle is adopted.

My goal is to ensure the healthcare and the beauty treatment related services in an aesthetic and harmonious environment. For that reason, I continuously expand my range of service as well as cooperate with other professionals.

Zane Amane