Perfume workshops

It is possible to learn how to create a perfume composition, get acquainted practically with various essential oils* (by smelling them) and their effects, as well as the basic principles of combining essential oils with each other. Using their favorite essential oils, each participant creates their own natural unique oil-based perfume (the oldest form of perfume!) to take away in a beautiful colorful 15ml roll-on bottle. Men can also participate in the perfume workshop, as the essential oils range also includes masculine fragrances.

The perfume master class is not recommended for pregnant women! Before the fragrance workshop, participants are not advised to use any strong-smelling perfumes and cosmetics.

4 – 12 people can work at the same time in the perfume making workshop. As part of a larger event, it is possible to provide several workshops in a row.

*A natural essential oil is the essence of a plant in a highly concentrated form. It is obtained through the process of steam distillation and has the power of the life energy of the plant in question. Essential oil has a healing effect on all human bodies (both physical and subtle bodies). It is used in aromatherapy, which is a healing method in which essential oils obtained from aromatic plants are used to create and maintain balance and harmony in the human body, soul and consciousness. The scent of essential oils travels through the olfactory system to the brain, the emotional control center where thoughts, feelings and memories are awakened. Essential oils act in harmony with the body’s needs, helping to regulate its delicate balance and stimulating the regeneration process.