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Classic massage – the most commonly used in modern medicine. The use of this technique ensures the best warm-up of the skin, muscle relaxation. The usage of toning techniques increases muscle tone. For this reason, classical massage is so popular among athletes and people leading the passive lifestyle.

Classic massage can be supplemented by various exercises used in physical therapy and helps to relieve back pain resulting from long-term, so-called “sedentary” work.

Classic massage
Therapeutic massage
Back massage


We create different hairstyles for short, medium and long hair for festive events: weddings and other special moments.

Individual approach to each client.
From 20 EUR

Outside of salon

If you can not go to the salon, salon comes to you! We work indoors and outdoors in parks, forests, on the beach, festivals, cooperative events.

Workshops, master classes and evening get-togethers


At the end of working day, weekend or any other celebrations we encourage to come together to share our experience and laughs.  While sipping herbal tea and enjoying homemade delicacies we learn new skills, inspire warm feeling and think positive and happy thoughts. And get to know yourself as well as others.

Price: from EUR 15,00

Weekday evenings 

Visit us - Riharda Vāgnera str. 14, Riga

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Movement is a spirit of life and vigour of youth. Massage is an impulse outside. Indulge yourself with our SPA rituals, facial, body and nail treatments in very heart of Riga. We are located close to the best hotels in Riga.
Enjoy your holidays, love your body and soul.

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